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Corporate Training Programs

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The Leadership Advantage

Do you have new leaders being onboarded and require new ways of thinking and skills to allow them to perform at their best in their first 100 days? We cover all competencies and adapt to organizational context.

The Organizational Mentor

Many mid-senior leaders need to take on mentoring roles to order maximize their experience and wisdom. However, not all organizations have the right approach to selecting and rolling out a mentoring program.

The Effective Coach

Training is a good way to acquire knowledge, but coaching is a faster and more sustainable way to acquire and retain skills within the organization. Managers need to develop coaching skills to improve team competencies.

What people say

Michael Haberzettl 

Head of Global HR Business Partners at Siemens Digital Industries

I had the pleasure to work with Stuart while I was responsible for the HR organisation of Siemens in ASEAN. Stuart was a very valuable partner for us by co-creating learning content and methods in the area of people and leadership. Stuart is very gifted in understanding the organisational and cultural specifics of the organisation he works with and very flexible in adapting training content and delivery details to the needs of his customers. I admire his growth mindset and his passion to support the transformation of organisations and individuals. I wished I could continue to work with him in my new role based in Europe/ Germany.

Personality Dynamics

A key element in team mastery is personality. By developing self-awareness through various tools, we can learn to apply the appropriate communication strategies to maximize team engagement and team interaction for improved working relationships.

Introduction to NLP

Neurolinguistic Programming has been a hothouse of personal mastery since the 1970s. It can help raise awareness of personal and interpersonal mastery so that we have improved productivity, effective problem-solving and enhanced communication.

Persuasion Dynamics

If you are in sales, marketing and business development, it is crucial to have an effective mindset as well as a powerful set of tools that can support influence and persuasion of the client. In addition, one needs to be effective in understanding buyer psychology.

What people say

Dr Gillian KOH

Senior Research Fellow, INSTITUTE OF POLICY STUDIES, LEE KUAN YEW SCHOOL OF PUBLIC POLICY, National University of Singapore

I attended a two day course on Transformational Leadership taught by Mr Stuart Tan, sponsored by NUS. Mr Tan was a very creative lecturer. He mixed aspects of neuroscience, organisational psychology, management theories as well as stories of can-do spirit of business titans and personal friends who live in the limitless realm of possibilities in putting his case across to us – that we can be more than who we think we are today. The class was a transformative experience for me and I will remind myself to try to effect the same sort of transformation to the people I work with in my office and various other groups I am involved in.

Growing From Within

Many people are suffering from mental and emotional burdens due to a lack of skills to manage their professional and personal transitions with resilience and strength. This program is a self-reflection journey that supports individual renewal and teaches strategies for self-care.

Advanced People Leadership 

Senior leaders often encounter challenges as well, bu many off-the-shelf programs are not suited for these senior executives who require a high level of expertise to manage and coach. Find out how we do this in our programs.

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