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Recognized by NLP Founder, Dr. Richard Bandler


Become Masterful At NLP!


The Licensed NLP Master Practitioner certiification is a premium training program that puts you at the forefront of powerful NLP integrations. You will be better able to apply the tools in NLP at the practitioner level and arrive at a more enlightened world view of NLP tools.


The Licensed NLP Master Practitioner certification consists of a highly comprehensive suite of behavioral tools and frameworks that help you to navigate the inner and outer world. They include the following:

1. Advanced NLP techniques

2. Advanced Strategies (TOTEs)

3. Advanced Submodalities

4. Hypnotic Strategies

5. Advanced Modeling

6. Integration of NLP strategies

7. The Sleight of Mouth

8. Values and Values Utilization

9. ... and much, much more.


It is a common regret for many practitioner who delay their advancement to the Master Practitioner level, as they claim that they need to learn more in order to practice.

The truth is that if you are able to do a back-to-back immersive experience for all elements, it is far more likely for you to get a deeper understanding of NLP without having to rely on your memory.

The NLP Master Practitioner is also a good way for you to layer practitioner concepts and skills in an integrative manner so that you can see the interrelationship between the many elements at the Practitioner and Master Practitioner levels


Our NLP Practitioner training is currently an 8 session program consisting of an equivalent of 8 days' of training.

Out of these 8 days, at least 12 hours must be in person (for assessment and refinement of your skills). During the COVID pandemic, this may not be possible, and therefore I will take measures to work with you in pairs (due to COVID restrictions) in person, scheduled in advance.

Remember that learning NLP is the start to a powerful future, but is not a competency development program. The workshop promises that you will learn NLP in accordance to the requirements of the Society of NLP, and give you the foundational tools. Just like any other skillset, if you apply yourself and create a thorough plan of action, NLP will impact your life dramatically

In my own area of life, I've seen:

1. Improved confidence, leading to better personal branding, sales and networks;

2. Better ability to manage self and states;

3. Increased capacity for handling difficult moments;

4. Improved communication and relationships;

5. Greater fulfillment, clarity, motivation and drive toward desired outcomes and more.

Many of my students have:

1. Built 6, 7 and 8 figure businesses;

2. Improved their personal relationships with their family;

3. Climbed to higher positions of responsibility in their career;

4. Enhanced their mental health and well-being;

5. Released old psychological burdens without the need for therapy.

Many of the NLP Practitioners who seek to improve themselves immerse in my annual coaching program in order to focus on improvement in different areas of their lives.


What Sets You Apart From Other NLP Trainers?

I've been a trainer since 1997, and spoken to over 500,000 people around the world, which means you get to see more perspectives through my experience. It means that I'm not your fledgling trainer who's just completed a certification course. I've been using NLP to help people achieve excellence in various areas of life.

I not only am a rare few with this extent of experience, I'm also a linguist and psychologist. This means that I can also offer the lagging academic perspective to the trailblazer concept that NLP started out to be in the 1980s, way ahead of anything else in the world. This means that if you have an interest in connecting NLP to the fields of psychotherapy, psychology and wellness, I can help. Out of the people I have worked with, most are leaders. I've also utilized NLP to teach leaders in communication to help them to be stronger leaders, better team players, advance through the corporate world effectively and be adaptable to change. This means that you can also tap into my application areas of leadership and teams if you are a working professional intending to get ahead in your career.

Unlike many others, my approach to introducing you to NLP is more personal and customized to your own life experience, and not just brochure-based. To learn if you are suitable to join my NLP Practitioner Workshop, hop on a call with me by filling up the form here.

We will discuss your current needs and introduce you to what NLP can do for you. To encourage you to have this conversation with me, once you complete the form, you will receive a free introductory webinar on NLP to "scout me out" before our first conversation. Whether you want to experience freedom of lifestyle, build your business further with a mental edge or even transform your current relationships, I can help you bridge the gap and achieve the results you want.

See you on Zoom!


Licensed NLP Trainer

Licensed NLP Coach Trainer