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Are you stuck, seeking greater insights into personal mastery for your growth and satisfaction?

The Journey of Self-Discovery and Mastery Begins Here!

Fridays, 7pm to 9pm (Singapore Time)

First Series of Sessions (Feb - Apr 2022)

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  • SESSION #1: Utilizing Visualization and Imagination for Greater Momentum and Success. 11 Feb 2022

  • SESSION #2: How to attain Self-Motivation through the power of self-hypnosis. 18 Feb 2022

  • SESSION #3: The Past Does Not Equal The Future, and other belief systems for becomming a better version of you. 25 Feb 2022

  • SESSION #4: Do we achieve to feel happy, or feel happy to achieve? Discovering the ingredients to achievement by destroying myths of resourcefulness. 4 Mar 2022

  • SESSION #5: Progress: The Success Diamond and Simple Practical ways to arrive at progress wherever you are in life. 11 Mar 2022

  • SESSION #6: Procrastination: How to understand, overcome and beat it for a better life. 17 Mar 2022 (Special: Thursday)

  • SESSION #7: Goal-setting versus Mind-setting. What makes the true difference in a mindset. 25 Mar 2022

  • SESSION #8: Emotional Avoidance: how people create more problems by ignoring uncomfortable emotions. 1 Apr 2022

  • SESSION #9: Believing in yourself: simple steps to training self-confidence. 8 Apr 2022

  • SESSION #10: Self-Reflection for Growth: How to explore multiple vantage points in reflection. 22 Apr 2022

  • Key Benefits

  • Guided Structure of Learning, So You Merely Need To Show Up And Participate

  • Meet like-minded individuals who are seeking growth and value opinions and learning.

  • Join in for free, as long as you commit to your attendance and actively participate.

  • Learn from my areas of expertise and also through respectful active sharing and experience.

  • Learn to support others as you support your own growth and development.


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    This education series benefits individuals of all walks, and is built and funded personally. People who join this group support others with their strengths. We encourage you to do the same. There were some situations where we have had to boot people because they were unwilling to participate in activities, were disrespectful or did not update their RSVP regularly.

    RSVP status is a personal discipline and responsibility - if you can't turn up, please change your RSVP quickly as it affects the time we begin waiting.