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How I Nearly Lost Everything Spending Over $200k To Build Digital Products Since 2006... And What I Learned So I Can Do It At Close To $0 Today.

Personal sharing. No B.S. No pitches here. Some swearing may happen. Like, I swear to tell the truth. No recordings because some people I didn't invite might be offended by what I say. Why ignorance is often up to 40x more costly than finding a good coach. Some reference to software that I use. Some interesting dilemmas I faced. What learnt about hiring skillsets that work. How I learnt fast to build my competency. How to drive yourself forward without being hung up about imposter syndrome. How to set up the right business framework and know what business type is for you. Understanding your "why" to move foward rather than getting excited by moments. Why taking action is so darned difficult for many newbies. How to overcome bad moments in business (I've got a few) and bounce back. Discovering "Identity" as a construct beyond "process". 

Hey - don't just read these, bring your questions, okay? I'll go with the flow of the questions I get. Will be happy to make it a conversation. Trust me - you may have a lot to say about the dumb things I have done.

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